JEM is almost 2 years old now and we thought it was about time to put some new pictures and a small movie on the web, the last update was around Jem's first birthday! By this time Jem has learned and discovered a lot of things, playing daddy's harp almost as well as Jimi Hendrix played the guitar, the strange sounds arouse the cat (Poes) like a flute works on a snake. Poes is somewhat afraid of turbulent Jem but the overtones are irresistible to poor Poes.

At grandpa's and grandma's Jem gets all the attention he wants, staying overnight means good fun. Live ducks to feed, 'etuh etuh', or going to the 'toh-toh' tossing crumbs of bread so they'll lay more eggs for Jems breakfast. And also the big green quacking 'kuh-kuh' in the pond is very nice, and why does he look so much like that strange fellow from Sesame Street!

With his other grandparents Jem went to the zoo where the 'aah aah' demonstrated how naughty you can be..monkey see..monkey do. Finally Jem met the 'bih' and decided the ones at home were more likeable...nothing like the one he hugs now and then.

Jem loves to play computer games and manages to disable the computer in such a bad way that it's taking daddy forever to figure out what exotic keystrokes Jem has come up with.

And counting is one of Jems activities as well, all the numbers he sees in the street are recited endlessly out loud: 'een' 'tdlee' 'ach' 'thien'.

Jem is a big fan of Sesame Street, the videos mummy made have to be played over and over every day.

Lately Jem found out he can blow his own bubbles 'bauh'; pointing at the bottle and puffing pfffffffffffff ffff ffff and mummy knows what he's up to. The first drawing 'theejtheej' Jem did hangs on the refridgerator.. only the wall has received some 'theejtheej' as well by now.. Nothing is safe from those little Jem- fingers...

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