We are going to move! Daddy and mummy have seen the house for real already, I only saw it on these photo's.

I think it's very exciting. I can play outside, I get my own room I can pick myself. Ofcourse I want the biggest room!

Grandpa and grandma live in the same town, and when I grow a little bit older, I can visit them by bike. It's only a 10 minutes ride. My other grandpa and grandma live close as well.

I'll go to a new school. I do not like that right now, because I'll be missing my teachers and my friends. Mummy says I'll get another nice teacher and that I will find new friends.

My dearest friend Tessa, can always stay the night when she is on holidays in the Netherlands, and then we can play outside together.

But it will be a long time, before we really move. I'll be already 5 years old then. Now I only dream of it...

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