Largest dunes in Europe, Pyla, Pilat, Biscarosse
This year we went to France by car. Many years ago Daddy Tim has visited this part of France and he suggested it might be a good place to spend our holidays with Jem since the camping site was situated at the foot of a big splitted sand dune. This meant all day playing in the sand, making sand castles, playing ball and many more activities. The camping site also had a nice swimming pool. What more could a nearly 4 year old wish for?

The largest sand dune is 117 meters high. Going down to the beach was easiest running through the sand but going up, we had to climb 200 steps up the stairs. This was responsible for some heavy breathing on our side. They say every year the dune moves 1 meter further away from the sea. The camping had indeed lost some space over the years according to Tim.

This year Jem got, for the first time in his life, pocket money. This special arrangement, only during the holidays, was arranged to get rid of the constant nagging about playing computer games and pinball.
Every day he got an amount and he could decide what to do with it. He understood he had to save up to play his games and once spent, he had to start all over again saving up.

The almost daily icecream was paid by us :)

He ended up playing some games
and saving up for a hippopotamus toy
that was given the name Bubba.

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