Tooth trouble!

I crashed into the living room table a few monts ago, and I had to have my tooth taken out by the dentist. I was very upset for days and cried myself to sleep mumbeling I wanted my tooth back.

Then mummy got a a great idea: Tessa, my big girlfriend, was already changing teeth and her mom, had some pictures. We got a picture the same day. Mummy printed it and hang it on the wall next to my table. From this moment everything was alright. Now I am proud I am also missing a tooth, just like my girlfriend Tessa!

There is a photograph further on in this page with the picture from Tessa hanging on the wall.

Easter eggs!

Here you can see me painting eggs for Easter. Do you see the picture on the wall? This is the picture I was telling you about earlier in this page.
Daddy and me!

I want, like every child, to imitate. Daddy likes reading in the bathroom. So when I stayed out longer than usual doing my bussiness, mummy found me reading as well....
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