This site is dedicated to Jem during our Kos holiday the end of summer '99.
It contains many features, pictures, movies and information. We hope you will enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Explore and see for yourself....

And again another Holiday Birthday!

Jem isyears old!

cannot be missed at a birthday party!
This was our appartement for two weeks

This was our garden for two weeks

3 years means 3 birthday candles on a birthday cake. How about 3 muffins? Each kid one muffin, each muffin one candle, that adds up to 3 doesn't it?

Jem found two Dutch friends next door, Sjoerd and Max.

Also known as:

according to Jem

All day playing together,
swimming together,
quarreling together.

Everything was done together
between the

of them.

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